The fabric- velvet polar fleece- used to print my paintings on, works fantastic  for the Poncho's and the wall Hangings /Banners.  You can choose and compose your own Banner  Each Banner/scarves is 33x150 cm 

My preference is 2 Banners, 3 max.

Happy Horse

Happy Wall decor

no 3 and 4 as wall decoration

Shaw/wall hanging no 4, matching Poncho no 2

Wall decoration growth 1

Wall hangers, a good idea from Merlin

no 5 and 6

no 5 matching growth poncho no 1

scaf no 2, matching Poncho no 2 - happy colors

shaw no 3, Matching Ponho no 2

Wall hangers, a good idea from Merlin the dress maker

scarve no 6 matching poncho no 1