I made A series of quality Mixed Media works on Canvas, to be sold in my on-line shop.      https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/CarlaRaadsveld?ref=si_shop

My Mixed Medias on canvas are part painted, part printed and varnished when finished. The reds, whites and sides are always painted and each canvas will be worked on to become a Mixed Media with the looks, durability and quality of an original painting, but in a small size.  Nothing is as rich as real paint.

I start with taking a photograph of one of my original Paintings, play around with the digital files and have a Giclee*  print on canvas made.  Then the brushes, paint and varnish come into action

The back is also finished and the canvas is ready to hang on any wall.
I use 4 standard sizes ; 30.5x20.3 cm, 30.5x30.5 cm, 30.5x40.6 cm and 30.5x61 cm

All standard sizes have one 30.5 cm side (12") in common, this makes the canvasses suitable to be combined into a mosaic of individual design and size

*Giclee prints are; Specialist prints, individually- one by one- produced on a high resolution large-format printer, using up to12 different fade resistant, archival, pigmented colours.